What Happens Inside The Pantry

Once inside, guests join the registration line. First time visitors work with an intake volunteer who inputs personal information into our database. Return visitors bypass the initial table and simply ‘sign in’ at the welcome tables. (DO NOT LOSE THE PAPERWORK YOU ARE GIVEN AT REGISTRATION. You will need it to gain entry to the Pantry.)

Guests continue in line and are given a small bag of non-food items such as toilet paper and toiletries (when available)

Hot Meal:
The line continues into a hot meal buffet, provided by Faith Feeders volunteers, and guests are invited to sit down and enjoy their meal while they wait for their ticket number to be called. When you hear your number, please clean up your dinner area and proceed to the doors that you entered through. You will be asked to show and surrender your ticket as you exit.

Pantry Shopping:
After exiting the cafeteria, you will continue around the corner to the Food Pantry line. At the door to the pantry you will be required to show your paperwork to the volunteer, DO NOT LOSE THE PAPER. You will be given a shopping basket and may request a personal shopper to assist you at this time, if needed.

You will be permitted to shop for a predetermined number of items from the pantry. You may choose ANY combination of items from the pantry to fit your specific household needs. For example, when shopping for 20 items, you make choose 20 different items (just like shopping in a regular grocery store) or, if you really only need canned peaches for some reason, you can choose to take 20 cans of peaches to fulfill your entitlement. *If you bring your own bags and do not utilize any of our plastic bags, you will be permitted to choose one additional item from the pantry.

There are also areas with beverages and fresh produce (when available) that you may shop from, in addition to your limited items. There will be volunteers at these stations to assist you with your selections.

After your shopping is complete, you will take your basket to one of our many friendly volunteers who will bag your groceries. YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR PAPERWORK to the volunteers.

After your items are bagged, just to the left of the exit door, volunteers will give each shopper a bag of food containing frozen meats or canned tuna (when available) and allow you to select some bread. You may request assistance carrying your groceries out of the building at this time, if needed.

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